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ABS Bouwteam


Creative direction


ABS Bouwteam stands for ABSoluut Architectuur. The company was founded by the architect Anton Gonnissen. They have constructed more than 1,485 buildings while collaborating with renowned Belgian architects.

Clickable Video, a Belgian production company, asked minimalia to create motion graphics opening and a closing for Absoluut in Motion, a video serie showing a look behind the scenes of ABS Bouwteam.

Our idea was to bring to life ABS Bouwteam's logotype. We decided to transform it from 2D to 3D.


We placed the shape of the client's logotype in different infinite spaces. Repeting the shape gave us some simetric sets of lights and shadows. We worked on this visual with the 3D Artist Vanessa Iglesias, who supplied an excellent 3D work for this collaborative production.

The final style is clean, subtle and elegant.

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