Passion, commitment, uniqueness, carefulness, simplicity and quality move us.

We enjoy working closely with clients meeting their needs. We aim for creating meaningful videos that fulfill their objectives and overcome their challenges.


We perform these services.

— Brand Video

A brand video transmits the philosophy of a company creating a more personal connection with the audience.

— Product or Service Explainer

A product or service explainer video introduces a brand and focuses on how its product or service will solve the customerʼs problem.

— External Communication

Introduce your brand to your clients in a more engaging way with Animated Sales Presentations, Case Studies and Infographics.

— Internal Communication

Provide a unique voice and simplify complex instructions with Announcements, Updates, Reports and Trainings.

— Social Media Content

Short animated videos are a solution for brands communication in social media channels like Instagram and Facebook.

Usually, the shorter the better. We recommend videos of 30, 60 and

90 seconds. Although other timings are possible.



Each project is a new challenge. We have developed a two-phase process, balancing efficiency and creativity.

1— Consultancy and Idea generation

· First of all we have a meeting to get to know your brand and capture your aims and needs.

· We ask you to complete our creative brief.

· Then our team thinks a concept and generates an idea proposal for you.

· We write a script.

2 — Production and Delivery

· We create a storyboard.

· We do two style-frames and record the voice-over.

· After that, we design all the scenes and share with you an animatic (a static pre-visualization of the video).

· If everything goes well, we animate the designs, add music and sound effects.


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