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TalentFY — Service explainer

— Ask

We were contacted by TalentFY, a digital platform that helps companies hire IT talent.

This startup company needed to explain who they are and what they do to their customers.

— Approach

Together with TalentFY we created a story focusing on how their service would solve the end-users’ problem, finding IT talent.


We crafted an explainer video that demonstrates how TalentFY applies Artificial Intelligence to select recruiters in each process. These recruiters will search and find the ideal IT candidate for their customers.

We illustrated some characters to personify customers, recruiters and candidates, and developed a graphic system to represent the Artificial Intelligence they use in their processes.

— Credits


On Oct 2020 for TalentFY.

Art direction: minimalia

Copywriting: TalentFY and minimalia

Graphic design and illustration: minimalia

Animation: Pablo Jiménez and minimalia

Sound design: minimalia

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